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Based on experience and intuition—Trouble is offering art direction, graphic design, publishing, strategy, and the curation of art exhibitions and events. 

Individual or in a team of experts, Trouble creates sustainable works on a wide spectrum of means.

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StudioTrouble™ is also a gallery space in Berlin-Kreuzberg with a curated selection of contemporary artists and cultural events.

Meet Jenne Grabowski, the founder of StudioTrouble™ 💥 — a Berlin-based creative studio working with a large network of individuals and companies.

StudioTrouble™ is a playground for new ideas and perspectives. A space for taking things apart and reassembling. For breaking the rules. Making trouble in order to discover the new. Always seeking trouble, for the opportunity to calm it down.

As a partner, Grabowski offers creative and strategic support for brands, institutions or individuals based on integrated, open, and sustainable communication. StudioTrouble™ is able to build rad teams for each project.

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adidas Originals
adidas Skateboarding
Audi AG
Carhartt WIP
dena – Deutsche Energie-Agentur
DNP Music Berlin
Deutsche Bahn AG
HVW8 Art + Design Gallery
JB. Institute
Robert Bosch GmbH
Robert Bosch Stiftung
SOLO Skateboard Magazine
thyssenkrupp AG
thyssenkrupp steel
Triangle Agency

Overview (PDF)
Alex Bartsch  📷 📀
Atiba Jefferson  📷
Boogie  📷
Brian Lotti  ✏️🎨 🖼
Celeste Najt  🎨 📷
Chris Milic  ✏️🎨
Cody Hudson  🖥 ✏️🎨
Emir ‘Esh’ Šehanović  🖥 🎨
Erosie  🚴🏽‍♂️🎨
Haw-lin Services  🖥 📷
Jean André  ✏️🎨
Jean Jullien  ✏️🎨
Jerry Hsu  📷
Julie Oppermann  🎨
Lisa Leone  📷 🎥
Otto Grokenberger  📷 🎥
Quentin Chambry  🥖🍷🎨📚
Quentin de Briey  📷
Rich Jacobs  🎨📚
Sebastian Haslauer  ✏️🎨 👻
Sergej Vutuc  📷 🎞 🖊📚
Stefan Marx ✏️ 🎨 ☕️
Tim Head  🖥 🎨

Overview Exhibitions (PDF)

Jenne Grabowski
+49(0)179 488 1004 office@studiotrouble.com