We offer a lot of experience, kindness & intuition. Individual or in a team—Trouble is delivering high level creative direction, graphic design, publishing or curating visual content. No boundaries. It’s all one.

Jenne Grabowski is the creator of StudioTrouble™ 💥 — a Berlin-based creative studio working with a large network of individuals and companies.

StudioTrouble™ is a playground for new ideas and perspectives. A space for taking things apart and reassembling. For breaking the rules. Making trouble in order to discover the new. Always seeking trouble, for the opportunity to calm it down.

As a partner, Grabowski offers creative and strategic support for brands, institutions or individuals based on integrated, open, and sustainable communication. StudioTrouble™ is able to build rad teams for each project.

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Jenne Grabowski
+49(0)179 488 1004